Information on the journal "Bulletin of the Russian Law Academy"
The journal "Bulletin of the Russian Law Academy" is registered with the Russian Federation Ministry for press, television and radio broadcasting and mass communications ( Certificate of registration № 77-15470 dated May 20,2003). Periodicity - 4 (four) issues per year. The journal has received an international standard serial number (ISSN) — 2072-9936.Newspapers, journals” of the “Rospechat” agency (subscription index 46834).
Information on the journal

The main contents
of the journal constitute scientific articles, scientific reviews, peer reviews and testimonials .The journal is aimed at advancing scientific knowledge and achievements in the field of legal policy, theory and history of law and the state, pressing issues of public and private law, monitoring legislation and law enforcement, combating corruption, safeguarding national security, providing free legal aid and legal education of the population.

The journal is meant
for scientific and pedagogical staff, practitioners of the system of justice, lawyers and notaries, all those who are involved in scientific researches and actually participate in the regulatory and legal regulation and implementation of issues related to the competence of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, carry out activities aimed at executing acts of judicial and other bodies, provide legal assistance to the population.

The journal is included
in the list peer-reviewed scientific publications where the main scientific results of dissertations for academic titles of a Candidate of Sciences and Higher Doctorate approved by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation Ministry for Education and Science must be published. A group of  scientific specialities  in which  academic  degrees are awarded, -12.00.00- Jurispudence

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