The authorship ethics of scientific publications

The authors must:

  • submit quality studies for publication ;
  • present research results honestly and without fabrication, falsification or unfair manipulation of facts, quotes, criminological, sociological , statistical data and other information;
  • avoid using the data not intended for the press;
  • notify the Editorial Board if any mistake is detected in any work submitted for publication, accepted for publication or already published;
  • cooperate with the Editorial Board and reviewers if revisions or abridgements in the text are necessary;
  • arrange precisely and neatly citations and references to other works;
  • include references to only those publications they familiarize themselves with ;
  • present new results of the study in the context of previous researches;
  • feature contributions of other scientists fittingly, in the most complete and balanced way;
  • include information regardless of the fact whether they support the author's hypotheses and interpretations or not;
  • comply with requirements to publications as to the submitted work is original and has never been previously published in any language anywhere or submitted for publication to several publishers at the same time unless the publishers agree on a joint publication. Articles previously hosted by the authors on their personal or public sites not affiliated with other publishers are allowed for submission;
  • comply with international norms and the Russian legislation on copyrights. Copyrighted materials can be reproduced only with the permission of their owners;
  • refer to previous works pertaining to the publication by both other researchers and the author himself without distortion. References to original sources should be made whenever possible. Direct citations from other researchers should be marked with inverted commas and a relevant reference;
  • notify the publishers if the data submitted by them for publication were previously published anywhere or some interpretations of these data were submitted to other publishers. In this case, the authors must provide copies of such publications or works submitted for consideration to other publishers;
  • indicate all sources of funding the research including direct or indirect financial support, provision of equipment or materials and other forms of support (e.g. expertise on statistical data processing);
  • comply with requirements and standards of the journal and the institution;
  • ensure that the work conforms to ethical principles and standards;
  • respond appropriately to commentaries following the publication, published correspondence as well as to questions of the reviewers and provide necessary clarifications and additional information if it is required.