Edition ethics of scientific publications

The journal publisher must adhere to ethical principles and encourage members of the Editorial Board and reviews of the journal to follow these principles.

The publisher:

  • defines relationships between the publisher, the Editorial Board, the editorial office and other parties to contractual relations;
  • respects the right to privacy and confidentiality of personal information ( for example, in respect of researchers, authors, reviewers);
  • protects intellectual property and the right of authorship( copyright);
  • contributes to insuring detachment of the Editorial Board;
  • shapes jointly with the Editorial Board and the Editorial Council the journal's efficient policy and mechanisms for its implementation;
  • ensures distribution of information about the journal's policy (e.g. to authors, readers, reviewers);
    follows the principles of scientific integrity;
  • undertakes to publish cuttings, clarifications and withdraw unfair articles;
  • ensures timely publication of the journal.