Reqirements for manuscripts submitted to the editorial office of the journal "Bulletin of the Russian law academy"

Manuscript articles must contain a justification of relevance, scientific novelty, an appeal to opponents, presence of discussion, conclusions reflecting the main results of the study.

The style of the article is to conform to the requirements of scientific works but not a publicist one. The author should avoid using quotes from popular magazines and newspapers ,references to statements on Television. Links to Internet's sources must comply with GOST.

The manuscript should not contain excerpts from dissertations ,monographs, course books or other scientific and learning -teaching materials. There are not to be accepted materials that were previously published in other editions including those published by the author of the manuscript. In case the manuscript of the article is submitted to several editorial offices at the same time the author is obliged to notify the Executive Secretary of the "Bulletin of RLA" to such effect.

Articles are accepted only if they meet the following technical requirements:

  • volume is not less than 12 pages of A4 format;
  • font- Times New Roman,size14;
  • line spacing-1.5;
  • fields 0f 2 cm on all sides;
  • paragraph indention -1cm;
  • abbreviations and acronyms are to be decoded when they are first used in the text;
  • footnotes- per page, size -14, line spacing -1;
  • illustrations and tables are acceptable in the manuscript. Pictures and tables are executed on separate sheets. Black dye is to be used for drawings, photos are not to be glossed. Electronic versions of the drawings and photos are rendered in Photoshop (*.tif, *.jpg, *.psd, resolution 600dpi) or InDesign-individual files for a single illustration with their printouts. Electronic versions of the text, tables and formulas are to be rendered in RTF format.

In addition to the documents referred to in the rules of accepting manuscripts submitted to the Journal Editorial Office the author must bindingly submit in the Russian and English languages the following information:

  • surname, first name ( in full), patronymic name ( in full) , academic degree, academic status , honorary title, position ( in full, without abbreviations or acronyms), the main place of work ( study), e-mail, city, correspondence contact information( mailing address for communication with scientific community that can be placed in public domain), contact phone numbers.;
  • the title of the article;
  • annotation of the article;
  • article's keywords;
  • the article bibliography should be compiled according to GOST7.0.5-2008.

The volume of the annotation is to be from 500 up to 1000 characters. The annotation must contain relevance of the article, its subject, the purpose of the study , the methodology of the given research; it should reflect the article's substantive content and novelty, its main results; the area of application, conclusions. The abstract and its keywords are to match the article's subject and content.

The Editorial Board scans the text of the article with the help of the "Antiplagiat" system. Originality of the text must not be less than 60 %. The further 40% can be properly formatted quotations from literature and other sources, extracts from legislation as well as scientific clichés conventionally used in this kind of publications.

Materials that do not meet the specified requirements are not considered.

Manuscripts and other materials sent with them are not to be returned to the author.