Review procedure

Reviewing of manuscripts that conform to specified formal requirements is exercised by members of the Editorial Board or other academic staff with a Candidate of science or Doctorate academic degree. The reviews are acknowledged experts in a relevant field of scholarly knowledge who over the last three years have had publications on the topic of the article under review.

The reviewer is given the manuscript of the article without specifying its authors. The authors do not know who the reviewer of their article is. The journal editors forward copies of submissions' reviews to the authors . Correspondence is carried out through online accounts on the journal website.

The author should make all necessary alternations in the final version of the manuscript upon which the author is to return the alternated text to the editors as well as its identical electronic version. Upon rework the article is repeatedly reviewed and the Editorial Board takes a decision on its possible publication.

The final decision on the article's publication or rejection is made at the Editorial Board meeting taking into account the reviewers' opinion and is recorded in the minutes of the meeting. In case the manuscript is rejected the author is provided with a reasonable refusal.

The review must contain a competent analysis of the article content, its unbiased well-founded assessment and reasoned recommendations.

The review should highlight the following points:

  • research subject, compliance of the manuscript title with the article content;
  • compliance of the article manuscript with the journal profile and remit, main head assignment;
  • research methodology;
  • topicality;
  • scientific novelty and originality;
  • style, structure, content;
  • compliance of the article manuscript, annotation, keywords, article's reference list with general requirements and rules of formatting;
  • appeal to opponents, existence of a debate;
  • conclusions, readership interest.

The final part of the review contains conclusions and recommendations whether the article could be published in the journal, sent for rework or not recommended for publication.

The review is kept in the journal editorial office for five years.

The journal Editorial Board forwards the review copies to the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science upon receipt of a relevant request to the publication editorial office.