Rules for publication of scientific articles

The Editorial and Publishing Department of the University ( hereinafter referred to as EPD) carries out the whole range of editing and publishing operations while preparing the journal issues.

The EPD functions:

  • admission of materials recommended for publication by the Editorial Board. Manuscripts of the articles that meet all the requirements and reviews come to the EPD from the executive secretary in accordance with the schedule of the journal passing;
  • editing, proofreading and preparation of materials for publication in accordance with requirements defined by standards, technical conditions and other regulatory documents. The EPD has the right to reconcile with the authors particular phrases contained in the text of the articles;
  • interaction with printers as to printing the journal editions( jointly with the department of placing orders and the finance and economics office );
  • distribution of authors' copies of the journal ( jointly with the documentation management and archives division );
  • sending to the RSC I information on published scientific articles as well as hosting on the journal website bibliographic description of scientific articles and reviews, abstracts and keywords to them.

Documentation required for accepting and approving manuscripts is kept in the EPD.

The editor- in-chief approves the journal dummy layout and cover.

The editor-in-chief, a deputy editor -in-chief, an executive secretary as well as the EDP head monitor compliance with the schedule of the journal processing.