Rules of accepting manuscripts submitted to the "Bulletin of the Russian law academy" journal

The editorial staff of the journal "BULLETIN OF THE RUSSIAN LAW ACADEMY" (hereinafter referred to - the RLA Bulletin journal) accept for consideration manuscripts of articles subject to:

  • compliance with the requirements for manuscripts submitted to the journal's editorial staff ;
  • relevance of submittals to the general subject of the journal and its rubrication;
  • observance of publication ethics, rules of admission and reviewing of manuscript articles.

The author submits the manuscript through his online account on the journal website.

The Executive Secretary has the right to ask the author to bring the manuscript article in line with formal criteria. The author has the right to rectify shortcomings or refuse to publish the article in the journal, of which he is obliged to notify the journal executive secretary. In case the article conforms to formal requirements it is sent for review.

The authors are not charged for publication in the journal. The editors do not charge the authors for preparing, placing and printing materials. Authors who are residents of Moscow are entitled to one author's copy which they are to fetch themselves. One author's copy is mailed to non-resident authors.

The journal's indexing in the Russian Science Citation Index system makes it possible for submittals to be posted on the open Internet. By submitting materials to the editorial staff of the journal the author a priori consents to post his/her submittals on the Internet.